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residing at

referred to as Client & I,

and MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY, hereby agree to the following:

Client agrees to pay MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY
for personal stretch services, as outlined below:

In consideration of services rendered by MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY, client(s) agrees to pay $

dollars for

sessions Via cash or Credit card, thereby allowing MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY assigned stretch personnel to commence. Client is responsible to pay all fees up front prior to any personal stretch sessions with MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY. All stretch fees are NON- REFUNDABLE once the contract is signed. All personal stretch sessions expire after one month from date of purchase for four(4) sessions Package, two months for an Eight(8) session package, three months for a twelve(12) session package. MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY reserves the right to substitute stretch personnel at any time for any reason to accomplish sessions. If buyer is a different person or entity than client , buyer and client is bound by all provisions of this agreement , including paragraphs I through VI.


A twenty- four(24) hour cancellation time is required for all advanced bookings. Notification by client to MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY must be emailed to & 561-316-7759 to leave a message in a timely matter.


Neither the stretch personnel nor MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY, is responsible for any injuries that the client may suffer while being stretched and/ or using equipment’s or space provided. Client assumes the risk associated with use all stretch’s, equipment’s, and space provided by MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY and /or the stretch personnel and/ or client. Whether or not working with a stretch personnel at the time of an injury, client voluntarily agrees to assume all risks of personal injury to client, client’s spouse, children, unborn children , other family members, guest, pets, or invitees and waive any and all claims or actions that the client may have against MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY, any of its affiliates and any of their respective employees/ stretch personnel’s and assigns for any such personal injury or for any injury sustained by MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY AND/OR STRETCH PERSONNEL’S.


By signing this document, the client(I)

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hereby acknowledges that I have

obtain a physician’s examination and approval prior to beginning this stretch journey and I have been advised that there are no restrictions.I fully understand that the stretch’s may be strenuous and

choose to participate completely voluntarily. I accept all responsibility for

my health and Initial any resulting injury or mishap before or after a stretch that may affect my well being or health in anyway. I future hold harmless of any responsibility MOBILE STRETCH THERAPY, management, stretch personnel’s or any person involved with this company and stretch procedures.


This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida and all the obligations performable in Palm Beach County.

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